DealerJazz Mascot Alfa 4C

DealerJazz Mascot Revealed

Introducing the new DealerJazz mascot, The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe.
“Yeah, our passion for cars is perhaps a little TOO crazy sometimes…”

Long Story Short

After six months of serious development we wanted to launch our new automotive dealer dashboard in the New Year with something exciting. So our marketing and design teams started thinking of ideas. Unexpectedly following a customer meeting at Brown-Daub in Easton, PA someone noticed an amazing sports coupe parked in front of the Alfa store. This wasn’t just a car, but the Alfa Romeo 4C. No one had even driven it, they just envisioned this Italian work of art on our website and marketing materials. It would make the perfect mascot for the new app, but was actually doable? We soon found out the car was actually pre-owned with less than 500 miles and because it wasn’t brand new it cost a lot less. The bean counters took over and we finally decided it was a go. The Alfa 4C is now part of the DealerJazz family.

Special Thanks to FCA & Brown-Daub.

None of this would have been possible without the help of a passionate FCA (FIAT Chrysler Automobiles) management team who empowered an innovative Alfa Romeo design and engineering team to create a visual masterpiece.  And they tell us it drives amazing to. LOL. Brown-Daub Alfa Romeo sold us the car at an amazing value and has worked with us to help infuse just the right amount DealerJazz. Our thanks to the the managers and sales teams.

Official Reveal

Our official reveal will be announced when the final detailing and Jazz design elements have completed. We can’t say much, but we are adding just the right amount of orange.  

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