Common questions about our Dealer marketing platform.

Automotive Digital Marketing

What kind of dealers do you work with?

Our platform provides solutions for any dealer type:  Auto, Marine, RV, Powersports and more.  If you have an inventory feed, DealerJazz will integrate beautifully and create an instant high performance campaign.

Do you help with Manufacturer Co-op?

Absolutely.  You’ll get access to all pertinent documents right on your dashboard.  We’ll even alert you when they’re ready and waiting.  Just drag into your co-op portal and you’re all set.  We can even submit documents for you if you prefer.

What makes DealerJazz different?

It’s all in the technology.  Our intelligent software sees your inventory, and instantly converts that data into highly effective ads, without any additional input or management from your staff.  You’ll also get access to a large creative repository for inspiration or to customize for your own campaigns.

Why is it a good value?

Our advanced negative keyword engine eliminates virtually all wasteful spend.  You pay for the clicks that will convert.  We also monitor campaigns continually to optimize ad placement in areas that perform better and times of the day that have higher conversions

What is your Next-Gen Tech?

Every digital marketing company has their own fancy acronyms for describing what they do.  DealerJazz is different because it’s a turnkey solution to your biggest dealership headaches: effective marketing plans, review acquisition, co-op management, Creative ideas and accountability.

What are the terms?

We require a 90 day commitment to ensure a thorough data acquisition/analysis period.  After that, you can cancel any time with 30 days notice.

How do I sign up?

Just click here to fill out our demo inquiry and we’ll connect with you immediately.



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