2023 NADA or Ground Hog Day

Is it 2023 NADA or Groundhog Day?

There is no doubt that many dealers and dealership personnel will be traveling to Dallas for the annual 2023 NADA show, looking for the next great piece of tech, or the best tactics to help their dealerships improve profitability in a very different climate for the automotive retail sector.  At the end of the show, most will return to their dealerships invigorated by industry “experts” and perhaps even have some shiny new promotional items stowed in their carry-ons… emblazoned with logos of companies promising the next breakthrough to increasing business.  And exactly one year from now, these same dealers and same staff will still be looking for answers.
What happened to all of the glitzy presentations and promises?  In almost every case, it still comes down to people and process.  All of the best tech solutions and fall flat on delivering results when they rely on people who aren’t invested in overall dealership success.  Unless you’re running an organization where everyone has equity, this is the primary reason why almost every product, service and promise fails to deliver long term results.

Automation is the 2023 NADA shows secret sauce!

Automated AI doesn’t need days off.  It doesn’t need praise.  It doesn’t need bonuses.  It just needs to be turned on.  Choosing intelligent automated marketing and conversion tools for your dealership will greatly reduce exit points in the customer journey from curious tire kicker to delivered vehicle.  Your customers don’t want to wait for human input for their questions.  Want to ensure someone leaves your website and goes to a competitor?  Make them fill out a form.  When was the last time someone walked into the showroom asking for a brochure?  The reason they don’t ask is because  by the time it’s printed, it’s outdated.  Information doesn’t wait.  Your customers know what they want, and they don’t have patience to wait for an email or phone call back.
Automated marketing solutions and lead generation tools also make your marketing dollars go farther.  How much does it cost to generate a lead?  It’s an answer you should become familiar with, because it’s the one measurable metric that has the most impact on sales outcomes.   If you can lower cost per lead by simply deploying some key marketing and lead gen automation, your performance stats will also improve dramatically.  More leads into the CRM, more appointments, more shows, more sales.  And in most cases, these results can be achieved spending LESS.


For instance, DealerJazz’s proprietary Automated Content Engine (ACE), is one component of an optimized solution because it uses live inventory feed data to dynamically create paid search ads that provide the most highly relevant information to search terms and destination.  This automated solution requires no human input, and works constantly to deliver high intent traffic to your VDPs.  Because the ad content matches the destination so completely, it greatly improves position while lowering costs on average of 30% over less intelligent campaigns.

  • Lower cost an average of 30%
  • Requires ZERO Human Input
  • 100% Optimized

Driving traffic to your website is just one component of a holistic marketing plan.  The second part of a successful automated program is to optimize and automate the CTA process.  For instance, most dealers use either generic email forms or ultra complex valuation tools for trade inquiries.  The customers want values now. Not in a few hours, not the next day.  If they are browsing at 11pm, they should get a trade estimate in seconds.  Even after all of your BDC reps are long gone for the day.  And they don’t know as much about their cars as you think.  Keep it simple.  Your tools shouldn’t be asking about condition, options, trims, etc.



DealerJazz’s TradeJazz tool is a highly successful conversion and lead gen tool because it delivers all of the things your customers want.  Immediacy, immediacy and immediacy.  They want a range of values they can use to estimate their potential payments on a new car.  They know it will depend on a physical appraisal, so don’t overcomplicate it.  Oh, and since nearly 7 out of 10 of them will be looking at your site on mobile, they’ll want the value sent to them by text message.  Trade Jazz engages automatically with your customers by text.  Rapidly.  And it feeds all of the customer information into your BDC for follow-up action.  And even if your BDC drops the ball, the system automatically follows up by text to turn those leads into appointments by re-engaging them.

  • Customer Immediacy (They want it now)
  • No Physical Appraisal
  • Superior Text Message Engagement

How It Works

Automation Is The Real McCoy

If you are traveling to 2023 NADA, a 20 group, or any other conference, just remember that no matter how impressive the presentation is, there is no replacement for intelligent marketing automation, both on the traffic generation side and the website conversion side.  DealerJazz solutions can greatly assist with both effort delivering more traffic, with higher intent, and lower cost.  Couple that with an automated resource for capturing leads through CTA buttons, social media, and service waiting customers, and you now have a strategy that will deliver the results you’re looking to achieve.  And you won’t be returning to 2023 NADA one year later looking for the same answers on how to make your dealership more profitable.

2023 NADA Expo Venue

JANUARY 26th – 29th 
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202

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