Optmyzr Variable structure

Gain greater efficiency and performance PPC.

Supercharging Optmyzr With Variable Template Structure

DealerJazz has been custom tuned to work elegantly with Optmyzr to gain greater efficiency and performance for our digital advertising campaigns.

Traditional Adwords management tools are time consuming and clunky, requiring greater cost to our customers and substantially lower performance.

Optmyzr helped us pair perfectly with key ad channels like Google and Bing and added enormous automation to our PPC management process. DealerJazz uses a normalization process that enhances and expands standard inventory data into a more robust user-friendly formula for digital marketing.

We then flow this improved content into Optmyzr, yielding more relevant ad copy and better performance. DealerJazz provides the supercharged content and it’s made even more powerful with the enhanced automation of Optmyzr.


Rigid campaign structures prohibit efficient automation while standard inventory content is not compatible with optimal SEM requirements, leading to poor PPC deliverables.


Automated Content Engine delivered with Variable Template Structure via Optmyzr

Automated Content Engine (ACE)

Our ACE (automated content engine) supplements and optimizes a dealer’s stock inventory data into more intelligent and usable content that better aligns with a PPC channel’s architecture. DealerJazz tuned data provides a 15-35% gain across key tangibles by creating a smarter campaign structure composed of more relevant ad groups, ads, extensions and keywords. Optmyzr ensures these ACE campaigns are delivered with the utmost efficiency.

ACE is powered by a growing group of acceleration modules that all play a key role in our data tuning process, creating hundreds of content variations that can be easily mapped and configured with Optmyzr. Our new Beta DJ Bot module crawls specialized dealer search results for the most popular ad copy and integrates it with our ACE content library.

We combine the raw inventory data with relevant and timely content from each ACE Acceleration Module to create tuned feeds mapped to Optmyzr. ACE analyzes andcompares content, integrates time sensitive and relevant monthly promotional content and creates additional derived variables. The combinations are unlimited and these new derived variables are designed to help dealer ads perform better.

ACE Auto Dealer Digital Engine

Variable Template Structure

We created intuitive variable templates. Our variable structure passes 99% of all content through to Optmyzr, allowing us to be more selective in how we build and refine our Campaign Automator templates. The content flowing through them is 100% unique to each dealer and can be managed and updated in minutes from the DealerJazz dashboard.

DJ tuned content is pushed via API to Google Sheets and that feed data is mapped with appropriate Campaign Automator templates. The key to DealerJazz efficiency, accuracy and scalability as indicated above is the variable structure architecture is 100% interchangeable with all dealer accounts.

NO template contains dealer specific account content. Variables drive all aspects of campaign management (creation & modification) including Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads and Extensions all derived from 100% interchangeable content. To refine and further secure each account specific template we include key conditions before sending updated campaigns to Google and Bing Advertising channels. This 2-factor formula ensures total security across dealer accounts.

Variable Template Structure

When DealerJazz ACE technology is paired with Optmyzr templates, the results have proven to Lower CPC and increase CTR. Since launching ACE for 8 dealers in January 2020, Average Cost-Per-Click has decreased over 30% and Click-Through Rates have increased by 35%. As you can see in the 2018 to 2019 example below those numbers can be dramatically higher.

Unmatched Analysis

Optmyzr Rules engine automates monthly analysis and allows our team to analyze key metrics 20% faster. The tool offers incredible insight and the automation of actionable recommendations by building rules in seconds. This allows our DJ analysts to crunch and apply changes much faster than manual methods. We have gained vital insight to lowering dealer costs by refining budgets, bids, templates, ads, keywords and more.

We have helped level the playing field for smaller dealerships with limited budgets. Poorly managed campaigns require more dollars and provide sub par results. Well thought out campaigns have a lower CPC (Cost Per Click) and higher CTR
(Click-Through Rates).

More Benefits

Our passion is to provide a superior SAS (software as a service) solution to dealers in automotive and similar industries. To do this we need to give dealerships more, and require less of their budget to do so.

  • More Relevant and Engaging Ads
  • Reduced Costs and More Value
  • Huge Reduction In Waste
  • Better Visibility
  • Advanced Digital Ad Management
  • No Commissions
  • Transparent Monthly Pricing
  • No Minimum or Maximum Spend Limitations
  • Dedicated Support
  • Immediate Reduction in Costs
  • Superior Reporting
  • More Engaging Creative

Ultimate Value

When all factors and benefits are considered, DealerJazz provides an additional 50% digital exposure for the same budget by eliminating nearly 30% of the ad budget from being wasted on low intent clicks from irrelevant keywords with our intelligent negative keyword library. There is also a 20% reduction in CPC averages across campaigns. Optmyzr allows our team to work faster and more efficiently, eliminating traditional commissions that are a barrier to optimal dealer/agency relationships.

Optmyzr's software helps marketing agencies save time and drive more results.