Auto Dealership Advertising

Here’s your magic wand…no hocus pocus

Automotive Digital Marketing

Totally Turnkey

You give us a feed and we feed your customers a steady stream of relevant, effective ads that get results

Convert This

Our proprietary tech makes sure that high quality traffic gets to your site. Better quality = more serious shoppers = higher conversions.

Waste not, want not

With a cutting edge negative keyword engine, we make sure your ad budget gets maximum traction with almost no wasted clicks

Dealer Jazz has made it simple for our Auto Dealership to enter the digital age. Glad to be there.

Benefits for your Auto Dealership

Your car dealership has lots of expensive new and pre-owned inventory.  We help you move products that negatively affect your floor plan.

Paid Search

Your customers are ready to eat, we give them the menu and promote the specials with our inventory feed ads.

Digital Display

Eye-grabbing creative and relatable lifestyle ads that truly connect with your prospects and increase digital engagement.

Reputation Management

Our reviews tool allows you to instantly improve your reputation with all major players. Easy, invite, respond and promote.

Meaningful Content

Let's face it. Your inventory and website content are probably lacking. Our ad wordsmiths and engineers work to supercharge your content.

Superior Communication

We all get hundreds of emails and SMS messages daily. With DJ that clutter is gone. Simply add and respond to assigned tasks on the DJ dashboard and it's done.

Reporting and Co-op

Transparent reporting plus access to our optional co-op module for getting the required docs you need to get paid fast by your manufacturers.